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Calling all artists! Mark your calendars, the legendary Bushwick Open Studios, a three-day art festival coordinated by Arts in Bushwick, will be held this year through the entire weekend of September 20 through 22. Expect all kinds of local creatives to showcase their work. Quite literally, hundreds of different artists will explore different mediums, perform live, and most importantly, build Bushwick’s growing art community.

It may feel far from now, but if you’re an artist, you better start preparing your studio, as the registration deadline has been announced for August 1, and will sneak up before you know it.

Although the official programs have yet to be announced, previous years’ festivities include an absurd range of activities—from neighborhood block parties to experimental interactive installations—giving residents, both new and old, something that’s right up their alley.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible—whether you’re a struggling artist new to the area, or established, with your own gallery space to prove it—the registration tiers have different prices, created to provide a fair and affordable platform to the creative community. The categories are split up into the following tiers: artist, gallery, non-profit, and small business.

For the “artist category,” you’d only have to pay $30 for the registration fee—more affordable than what you probably paid for that entire night out the last time you were in Manhattan.

To meet the criteria for the artist category, you’d have to be: “an individual or art collective with a single studio or location presenting work as one entity. Not a traditional business.” With this registration package, you’ll be included on the BOS2019 map, and your listing will be added to the BOS events tab, providing a platform to create visibility and recognition for your work.

In addition, you’ll also receive free admission for you and a “plus one” to the BOS opening party and closing party, which if it’s anything like the previous years’ parties, or any other in Bushwick, you’re bound to have a great time, and rub shoulders with like-minded industry folk.

For the gallery artists, your registration fee would be $150, with the criteria being: “for-profit art gallery located in Bushwick, or bordering areas of Ridgewood, Bedford Stuyvesant and Williamsburg that does not have a restaurant, performance space or other business within the location.” The perks here are similar to the artist package, with a couple additions: the ability to apply for BOS Hub Space, and three tickets to the opening and closing party, instead of two.

But registration isn’t just solely for artists or galleries; the non-profit and small business categories provide the opportunity to get similar exposures through a partnership as well. The perks are the same as the gallery category, but the registration fees weigh in at $100 and $250, for the non-profit and small business categories, respectively.

Anyone looking to register and be a part of the art festival can visit the Arts in Bushwick registration website.

Cover photo courtesy of @Youngjoosung.

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