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A Brooklyn based gang called Bushwick Crew may be tied to notorious Mexican cartel leader Joaquín Guzmán Loera, otherwise known as El Chapo. 

Bushwick Crew is a street gang that is connected to spreading fentanyl and heroin throughout New York City and executing other rival drug dealers in the borough. Both Vice and Brooklyn Eagle have reported on their connection to the cartel.  

“Based on US maps produced by the US Drug Enforcement Administration showing where Mexican cartels operate and the timeframe the Bushwick Crew was distributing heroin, it is most likely Sinaloa that supplied them,” Nathan Jones, a security studies and criminal justice professor at Sam Houston State University in Texas, told a Vice reporter. “These guys were based in New York and moved heroin from Los Angeles and Chicago. That is primetime Sinaloa Cartel territory.”

Other evidence sited in both publications for a connection between Bushwick Crew and the Sinaloa Cartel includes months of investigation and a 2016 Instagram photo of a Crew member holding stacks of cash while partying in a club. The hashtag on his photo was #CHAPODABOSS. 

The Vice report on both gangs is titled “How a Brooklyn Gang May Have Gotten Crazy Rich Dealing for El Chapo.” Despite the local gang connections, Bushwick’s crime has gone down. Read more about that here

Cover image courtesy of Liza Zins on Flickr

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