Bushwick Was Hit With Another Series of K2 Overdoses

Angely Mercado

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Several Bushwick residents were hospitalized last week due to K2 overdoses. At least five men were hospitalized last weekend according to a report in Bklyner.

K2, which is also known as “spice”, is a synthetic form of marijuana that is illegal in New York. Users who overdose have reactions such as panicking or acting “zombie-like.” 

This is not the first time that the Myrtle Avenue/Broadway Avenue JMZ stop in Bushwick has dealt with a series of overdoses. During the summer of 2016, over 30 people were hospitalized after overdosing on a single bad batch of k2. 

This past May another 16 people were hospitalized for overdosing on k2 near the JMZ stop in Bushwick. 

Local officials responded quickly and voiced their support for the hospitalized victims. Here’s a video of a recent press conference near the JMZ train stop in the area that included Antonio Reynoso

Officials have promised to close down bodegas that may still be selling k2 in the area, and not prosecuting those who are hospitalized, but focusing on the sellers who keep the synthetic drug in circulation. 

“The users are victims here,” said Reynoso. “We need to provide the right type of services to make sure that we’re taking care of our community.” 

We’ll be updating this story as more information is released over time. 

Cover photo courtesy of Katarina Hybenova

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