Angely Mercado

A group of goats escaped from a truck on their way to a halal slaughterhouse in Bushwick on Tuesday morning. 

At around 4 a.m. the goats broke free and began hanging out on Wyckoff Avenue, the Daily News reported. The driver had delivered them to Brooklyn from a farm in Iowa and was taking a nap.

They were supposed to be delivered to Vivero Primos on Wyckoff Avenue and Hancock Street. A resident who happened to be up took a photo of the grazing goats before they were rounded up and put back into the truck.

A thread on Reddit has some interesting responses for roaming animals in the neighborhood. 

One comment reads “They’re gonna get right back on that truck when someone tells them the rent in Bushwick.” And another says “How long until some yoga studios hire them?” 

Though it was an eventful day for early risers (or late sleepers) the truck driver, and the goats were still sent off to the slaughter house according to KTXS 12

Cover photo courtesy of Reddit and Twitter

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