Angely Mercado

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A local Key Food on the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Hart Street is collecting money to help the family of Luz Gonzalez, the 4-year-old who was run over last Sunday. 

The young girl was with her mother on Hart Street, lost a shoe while riding her scooter. Both of them stopped to put the shoe back on when a black SUV ran them over as it was coming out of a laundromat sidewalk parking lot. 

Many locals are upset that the driver has not be charged for the death of Gonzalez. Others have expressed safety concerns for other residents who regularly walk past the sidewalk parking lot. 

However anyone who wants to support the family can do so at the Key Food that is across the street from the Hart Street laundromat. 

A Key Food worker told Bushwick Daily over the phone that there’s a donation box with Luz Gonzalez on it set up by the customer service section of the supermarket.

She said to walk past the cash registers towards where lottery tickets and pharmacy items like deodorant are displayed. This is a link to the supermarket’s location if you are interested in donating.

Image courtesy of Tom Starkweather

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