We hope you all caught some rays while chilling and enjoying the free day yesterday…because you will need all the energy you can get this week. On Friday, Bushwick Open Studios begins! Here at Bushwick Daily we went through every single one of the 606 registered shows set for the biggest Bushwick weekend of the year, and we picked out approximately 50 of the best ones. We arranged them into eight fun, themed guides and we also included three walking tours based on your personality.

25,000 sq feet of space ready to be utilized.

Once we were done with the decoding and analyzing, we thought it wouldn’t be bad to actually print all this and create a small booklet for you dear readers to carry around this weekend. Long story short, we are impatiently awaiting 5,000 copies of our first printed publication graciously titled NO BS BOS. Beginning Wednesday night, you’ll be able to snag a copy in some of our favorite bars, galleries and coffee shops!

If you want to receive your guide in a more festive manner, come to 299 Meserole on Thursday, May 30, where we will be launching the NO BS BOS guide immediately after the Confronting Bushwick 2 panel discussion. The discussion on the politics of empty buildings will start at 7PM and will feature George Ferrandi (Wayfarers), Carlton Newton (VCU Sculpture Department), Savon Baily (independent curator) and, yours truly, Katarina Hybenova.

To start off your BOS weekend in style, we have asked Charles Russel and Johnny Aries to DJ for us. Yes, those guys from that band!! There will be a cash bar, and admission is free of charge. RSVP on Facebook here.

PS: The art on the cover of NO BS BOS is the famous “Art by Ken” painting, Super Bushwick World. Yes, Bushwick re-imagined as Super Mario World. The painting itself will be on view during Bushwick Open Studios at GamePad 300.