Evan Haddad


Norbz the cat, who symbolizes Bushwick’s beloved Norbert’s Pizza, must have converted to veganism or flunked out of mouse-catching school.

The Department of Health slapped Bushwick’s signature vegan pizza joint on Stuyvesant Avenue near Broadway with four major health code violations on Nov. 15, reporting signs of rats, mice, filth flies — flies associated with trash such as fruit and bottle flies — and foods being stored at unsafe temperatures.

The pizzeria straddles the border of Bed-Stuy and Bushwick, which were both included in the city’s list of rattiest neighborhoods. Too much of a good thing, Norbz?

As you probably know, a violation point system determines the letter grades of restaurants — scores between zero and 13 earn an A, scores between 14 and 27 earn a B, and scores above 28 give eateries a C and all the delights of the health department’s careful scrutiny.

During its Wednesday inspection, the Bushwick pizza place scored 41 points — 30 points more than Norbert’s earned during an inspection in March. That would probably be a D, if such a grade existed.

Norbert’s Pizza has been a neighborhood favorite since owners opened the original spot at 1215 Myrtle Ave. in 2012. 

A Norbert’s Pizza representative was not immediately available to comment.

Cover image courtesy of Norbert’s Pizza