Evan Haddad


It’s not like we didn’t already know it, but Bushwick has been crowned the second-hottest neighborhood in America, according to a new report from a real estate website. 

Bushwick came second in Hotspot Rentals’ Top 25 list of the hottest hoods in the States. Hotspot, a Chicago-based company, ranked cities on six categories they believe buyers and renters look for most when moving to a new place: walkability, transit, budget, lifestyle, entertainment, and weather.

In total, Bushwick earned 88 points out of 100, beat out only by The Mission in San Francisco, which got 92 points.   

Bushwick scored highest on walkability, transit, and entertainment. It scored lowest on lifestyle and weather.  

Hotspot determined the score by examining different factors within each category. To evaluate transit, they looked at the public transportation systems, accessibility, and transit times to judge the ease of getting around. It seems the impending L train shutdown or the screwy M train didn’t play into Hotspot’s score. 

Lifestyle focused on bikeability, pet friendliness and the number of outdoor activities. Bikeability must mean you have your own bike, as there are no Citi Bike stations in the neighborhood, unless you’re one of those believers that East Williamsburg is really Bushwick. As for pet-friendly apartments, keep dreaming.

While we know Bushwick is cool, we’re not sure if it’s that cool. We’re not even sure who made Hotspot’s scoring system or who the judges were. 

We reached out to Hotspot Rentals to learn whether any of the people that compiled their list actually lived in Bushwick. We hadn’t received a reply at the time of publication. 

Cover image courtesy of Abigail McCreary