Buy Bitcoin from an ATM at Bushwick’s Looking Glass

Magdalena Waz


Even if you haven’t read much about Bitcoin, you’ve probably heard some of your tech friends herald it as the currency of the future. Well, now you can get your very own Bitcoin through a regular-looking ATM at Looking Glass on Broadway.

The location may seem like it’s coming out of left field, but the bar played a role in a season two episode of “Mr. Robot,” an award-winning show about hacking, among other things. 

The ATM is owned by Bitcoin Center New York City, which has two others in the city. The center bills itself as “the only place in the U.S. dedicated to promoting Bitcoin, educating the public, and hosting the local Bitcoin community.”

Image courtesy of Bitcoin Center NYC.

Obtaining Bitcoin is described in fairly simple terms. All you have to do is “walk up to the machine, press ‘buy Bitcoin,’ show the machine a Bitcoin address in the form of a QR code (a feature all mobile Bitcoin wallets have), insert cash (as little as $1!) and you will be the proud owner of some Bitcoin.”

Getting a Bitcoin address on the other hand may be much more complicated for all we know, and it seems like there are many options when it comes to securing a Bitcoin wallet. Furthermore, the entire process could be an expensive one. Bitcoin had a value surge over the past year and one Bitcoin is now valued at over $2,600. 

The center provides a introductory course in Bitcoin if you’re still thinking it might be worth it to get your hands on even a tiny sliver of the Internet’s favorite currency.

Featured image courtesy of Looking Glass’s Facebook page.

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