A Popular DJ & Producer Was Reportedly the Victim of a Transphobic Attack This Weekend in Bushwick

Jacqueline Medina


It makes us sick to hear news like this, especially during Pride month. 

DJ and producer Jasmine Infiniti was leaving HappyFun Hideaway (1211 Myrtle Ave.) before her scheduled show at OMG Pizza, with two of her friends–London Jade and Cali Rose–on Saturday when a group of people allegedly started yelling transphobic insults at them. Jasmine identifies as a transwoman, and felt like she was in immediate danger following the confrontation. 

In an interview with PAPER, Jasmine said the group of people “called us transformers. They told us to get off of their block.” 

Jasmine and her friends went then reportedly went into a nearby liquor store while the group followed them, harassing them the entire way. Jasmine and her friends were allegedly refused service at the store, and asked to leave, which is when Jasmine said the group attacked her and her friends. 

“London was cut on the leg. I was punched in the face,” Jasmine said. “I chose to be non-violent. [They] took their punches and laughed. [I was] asking them if they feel better now that they have hurt us. They called more people, and told me I better go before it gets worse. London and Cali had already fled.” 

Jasmine’s jaw had to be wired shut and today she is still in the hospital with London, who had to have stitches from being slashed on the leg. 

There is a crowdfunding effort to help pay for Jasmine and London’s hospital bills. So far they have raised about $37,000 of their $50,000 goal.

Click here to donate. 

We’ll post more updates to this story as we get them. 

Featured image courtesy of YouCaring.com.

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