Every new week in Bushwick is a reason to celebrate: we have a bunch of awesome events organized by creative Bushwick folks coming up. But before we walk you through the five of them we like the most this week, please enjoy the opportunity to listen to this this one-man a cappella multitrack version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song….

#1  Screening of Jason + the Argonauts @ NURTUREart (Wednesday, 7-9pm)

On Wednesday night, a Bushwick non-profit organization based in 56 Bogart building, NURTUREart, will be screening some classics to accompany the current art exhibition Argo of Anna Carossa. The 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts was directed by Don Chaffey. Don’t miss this cult film based on Greek mythology and the ’60s special effects. Moreover, the admission is free!

#2 Theriomorphous Entourage Art Opening @ Centotto (Friday, 7-10pm)

So @KaileeAyyar told us on Twitter that she just moved to the neighborhood and asked us about the first thing she should do.  And we said go to Centotto on Friday! Centotto, my dear friends, is a legendary apartment gallery run by Paul D’Agostino, a sophisticated curator who like likes to explore interesting concepts, usually following from a piece of good reading. This Friday, Centotto will open an art show consisting of 12 men exploring the beasts within.

#3 Poetry reading @ Paper Swan Loft (Friday, 7-9pm)

While on Moore Street for Centotto opening, check out another great loft right in the building next door, Paper Swan Loft. Paper Swan Loft belongs to the collective of musicians, filmmakers and artists from Bushwick,who are, this Friday night, hosting poets Matthew Zingg, Gina Mobilio, Mike Lala,  Julie Kantor. The nights at Paper Swan Loft are always a really really pleasant experience, after which you won’t be able to hide a (rather silly) smile on your face for days. Aaah…

#4 BOS Mixer @ little skips (Thursday, 8-10pm)

Bushwick Open Studios 2012 mixer no. 2 will be held at popular coffee shop Little Skips this Thursday! The most compelling reasons why you should attend are: 1) you need to attend at least one of the mixers to receive a registration code for your studio participation at BOS; 2) BOS mixers are always FUN!; 3) Little Skips is undergoing an interesting reconstruction and is being turned into even cuter place it already is.

#5 Cafe Ghia 1st Birthday (Saturday, 9pm)

Cafe Ghia opened only one year ago, but instantly became one of the most popular spots in the neighborhood. Delicious food, great selction of wine and beer, friendly staff- all that participated to the fact that Bushwick loves Ghia, and we won’t miss their birthday party!


Complete event listings for this week can be found here.