A Twitter Uproar Follows After a Woman Got Onto the Tracks at the Myrtle-Broadway Stop

Magdalena Waz


Yesterday morning’s JMZ train suffered delays when a woman wandered onto the tracks at Myrtle-Broadway and started walking toward Manhattan. 

A video posted to Instagram shows a rather bewildered-looking person standing in the middle of the track with at least one person reaching out to her. But let’s be honest, most other people were hoping to snap a photo.

Seriously? What the fuck are you thinking? #doyouwannadie #bushwick #smarchweather

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The NYPD confirms that they removed the woman from the tracks and took her to Woodhull Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. They do not keep statistics regarding how many people are safely removed from subway tracks each year. 

While nobody was hurt, plenty of people were inconvenienced. Alex Andia, a frequent M train commuter who was stuck at the Central Avenue M train station said the initial excuse his train conductor gave at around 9:05 a.m. was a power failure. 

Andia says that the problem was cleared up rather quickly: “All in all, I was probably stuck for about 15 to 20 minutes.” Even a short delay can reverberate and make for cramped commutes long after rush hour ends.

But the real question is does a cramped commute justify such vitriol? 

Featured image screenshot from Instagram video by goobrz91.

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