By Maria Gotay, Jojo Soul, Terri Ciccone, Brian Douglas and Katarina Hybenova

It’s in the air, and don’t tell us it’s not March 20 yet!  The spring is (almost) here, and it can be said with 100% certainty that it will be hitting Bushwick at any moment!  Bushwick is a great place to be once the weather gets warmer. It’s true that you might not notice that the trees are getting greener, mainly because there aren’t too many, but yet there are at least 10 awesome things one can do in our beloved Pigeon town….


#1 Use your backyard again!

Yeah, there might still be cobwebs and fake graves from Halloween; overturned buckets and disintegrating cardboard, moutains of dog poop, huge masses of leaves and probably a few beer cans, too. Soon you will be able to face the challenge of making it usable again, and THEN getting to enjoy the space.


#2 Go on a graffiti tour!

If you need an excuse to go out and enjoy the spring weather, take a walk in Bushwick and take photos of the best street art pieces you encounter.


#3 Throw a rooftop party!

Throw a rooftop party! Don’t listen to people who tell you it’s a bit too soon. Just put on a thick sweater, and start looking forward to the amazing view of Manhattan skyline, the way you see it only from industrial Bushwick. Winter’s been kind, so hopefully spring will be gracious, too.


#4 Start an urban garden!

Do you have a backyard? Win! Do you have a roof? Double win! Did you keep talking last year about your own cherry tomatoes, but you never actually planted anything? Call this year your Own Cherry Tomato Year, and plant some basil too! You’ll have a caprese salad in no time!


#5 Hang out at places with courtyards!

Going for coffee or a drink? Deliberately choose a place with a courtyard. There isn’t that many of them in Bushwick, but trust us Kave at The Loom – totally worth it! Nothing beats drinking some of Bushwick’s best coffee from Kave, and chilling in their really clean, spacious, and social sprawling outdoor space. For colorful cocktail at a Bushwick back yard, check out The Narrows!


#6 Have Mr. Softee ice cream!

This is not a joke! Mr. Softee is back. We recognized the mildly creepy tune yesterday between the noises of sirens, ran down to the street, only to see a happy crowd of kids following a Mr. Softee’s truck. If this isn’t an ultimate proof that spring is here, than nothing is!


#7 Shop at Bushwick Farmers’ Market!

Bushwick Farmers’ Market will be soon coming back to their regular Maria Hernandez Park and other locations! Fresh organic vegetables and fruits are the best! In the mean time, check out our photo essay from the Market from last year.


#8 Run through an open fire hydrant!

We dare you!


#9 Play musical instruments in Maria Hernandez Park!

Very soon, Jojo Soul will be starting weekly drum and dance circles, on Sunday afternoons at Maria Hernandez Park.  Join the man or just go by yourself, maybe others will join. Maybe try get some pocket money through busking. Take your guitar or flout, and get to work…


#10 Have tacos standing in front of Los Hermanos!

You don’t have to have your tacos sardine-style inside of the famous garage. You can now freely tear due to excessive amounts of salsa verde on your tacos, while standing on fresh air in front of your favorite taqueria; observe people coming in and out the Jefferson stop, and think how beautiful your life in Bushwick is….