Early Tuesday, East Williamsburg venue The Acheron announced its impending closure: the spot will hold its fonal show on July 9th. Staff released the following statement breaking the news:

“It is with a profoundly heavy heart that we have to announce July 9th will be the last show at the Acheron. As a result of numerous factors that are completely out of our control, the space can no longer be used for shows. The Anchored Inn will remain open, doing the glorious work of keeping the punks fed and drunk. We are endlessly grateful to all of our staff, along with (almost) every band and show-goer that has ever walked through these doors. When we started 6 years ago I don’t think any of us imagined the Acheron would have grown into what it is now, and we feel very proud of all that we accomplished in that time. It has been a pleasure, and we mean that from the bottom of our hearts…Thank you to everyone that helped make this feel more than just a venue over the years. While we’re all deeply saddened by the loss, we feel extremely proud, and privileged to have been able to do this for as long as we have. Please come find us at the bar, and let’s have a drink. Viva 57!”

The Acheron’s sister bar, The Anchored Inn, which shares the same address, will remain open, which is hardly solace considering that this announcement is one of many in a recent string of local cultural gathering spots closing up shop for good. Last week Palisades announced it will be closing until at least the end of August due to “building code violations,” and Secret Project Robot recently announced that it won’t be renewing its lease on Melrose Street. Many other venues have faced problems in recent months, at least one by having its “secret venue” status shouted to world to the chagrin of its landlord. Losing the Acheron at the same time as Lower East Side punk bastion ABC No Rio prepares hold to its final show before the building is razed to the ground and rebuilt is a double blow to NYC’s hardcore scene.

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The final Acheron show, which takes place on July 9th, will feature the bands Wilt, Sauron, Nile and Chain. Check out the rest of the upcoming calendar here in preparation to forever bid farewell to the blood, sweat, and beer-soaked walls.

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Cover: EYEHATEGOD performance in Acheron in 2013