Image courtesy of Rafael Fuchs.

A recent project by prolific and

sometimes controversial

Bushwick-based photographer

Rafael Fuchs

provides a literal snapshot of street art in Bushwick over ten years.

“The Shack”, a work produced this year, presents a grid of six photographs, taken between 2005 and 2015, of a small vernacular shack that used to sit on Grattan street. Organized chronologically, the photos document six very different arrays of art covering the shack. The earliest photos are primarily tags, but several photos in, wheatpaste and more conceptually driven art appear. One of the final images features a mural-style painting of a “Bushwick bouquet”; advertising is visible in several of the later images.

Fuchs tells Bushwick Daily that the grid style is a nod to the work of German conceptual artists and photographers Hilla and Bernd Becher, who produced work that prominently featured industrial architecture, and that this set of photos is one of several he has worked on that feature the same location shot over a series of years. Stop by his studio at 56 Bogart to see the photos in detail.

Image courtesy of Rafael Fuchs.