Bushwick Night Owls, Get Your Coffee Fix: Little Skips Outpost Extends Its Hours

Little Skips Outpost, at 1158 Myrtle Avenue.

If you’ve ever gone to your favorite coffee shop in the hopes of gearing up for a late night and found yourself standing at the window forlornly as the baristas motion at their closed sign and go back to wiping down the counters, here is some welcome news. Little Skips Outpost, which used to close at the end of a typical office work day, is going to be open until well after dark starting on Monday, February 8th.

Outpost has always opened at 7 on weekdays and 8 on weekends, and will continue to do so, but now, instead of closing down at 5 every day, locals can swing by for ‘spro or for joe until 8pm.

The later hours are the first moves among several intended to make the serene coffee shop adjacent to Little Mo an evening institution. Stay tuned for additional announcements about dessert, beer, wine and even sake options at the beautiful joint.

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