Trailer Park: A Mobile Public Park

By Katarina Hybenova

I came across this lonely trailer parked on the corner of Bogart and Boerum Streets, when running this morning in the streets of Bushwick. Looking at it closely, I recognized the signs of greenery, which made me immediately feel uneasy. In our home sweet industrial Bushwick, greenery is rather unusual. After I checked with my eyes again, I recognized that I am seeing A Mobile Public Park, a lovely project by artist Kim Holleman. The sign was saying that I could come in and enjoy the park in the urban setting.  Hesitantly, I entered the trailer, and took 2 deep breaths. I’m not going to lie:  all the oxygen made me feel dizzy, and deprived me of my usual cranky Bushwick balance. In panic, ran back home. Luckily, I passed by a couple huge trucks on Bogart Street, and inhaled fumes from the cars on Flushing Avenue, feeling eventually better…

All photos by the author using an iPhone (the old and crappy one).

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