What the Hell is #OutSmartBK and Why Should You Care

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Raise your hand if you behave responsibly every time you drink…

Yep, we didn’t think so, and neither did the North Brooklyn bar owners who are part of Brooklyn Allied Bars and Restaurant (BABAR). Their social media campaign #OutSmartBK was launched the goal to educate young people on how to have fun and still be safe.

“Deputy Inspector DiPaolo, the Commanding Officer of the 90th Precinct, approached me about reaching out to the young demographic our industry serves,” told us BABAR co-chair and operator of The Woods bar in Williamsburg David Rosen about the idea to create the campaign. “We recognized that many crimes in the neighborhood could be prevented if members of the community take some simple steps […]. We then cultivated OutSmart over the past six months based on input from NYPD Crime Prevention and Strategic Communications.”

So #OutSmartBK is a one month program, launched on July 10, with an event series that provides opportunities to learn tips on public safety, self-defense, as well as bike safety.

Image via OutSmartBK Instagram

The campaign was launched on July 10th using mostly Instagram and will culminate in a finale event on August 10.

The bar owners have been reaching out to the public via social media hashtags as well as IRL –through events, flyers, stickers, even the bartenders have been wearing #OutSmartBK t-shirts.

Their next event is taking place on August 3 at Black Bear Bar and will teach you how to date safely.

The organization is simultaneously running a contest, and the contestants have a chance to win a Brooklyn Brewery package, a year supply of Williamsburg Pizza as well as $500 bar tab at The Woods and Black Bear Bar; month supply of Zico Coconut Water, and a bunch of treats from other suppliers…. You can enter simply by following @OutSmartBK on Instagram, by regramming their post or by using the hashtag #OutSmartBK.

So, get to sharing this on Instagram because who doesn’t want to drink for free (and be safe while at it)?


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