Totally Surreal: A 9-Story Hotel Coming to Stewart and Flushing Aves

25 Stewart Ave today, screenshot via Google Maps

You may not immediately recall what’s at 25 Stewart Ave (corner Flushing Ave) but if you ever went to see art at The Active Space or Brooklyn Brush Studios, you likely remember stepping on a oily sidewalks as passing by an incredibly raw sight of a functioning scrap metal recycling facility. Now it seems that developers connected to the conversion of Hotel William Vale in Williamsburg, Riverside Developers have laid their eyes and plans on this little oily spot and plan to construct here….sit down…. inhale, exhale… a nine-story hotel!

Real estate site, New York Nimby reported yesterday that a new building application has been filed to construct there a 115-foot-tall development with medical offices on the second floor, and the hotel rooms and amenities to take up the rest of the building.

According to New York Nimby, the hotel will have 140 hotel rooms with 20 of them on each floor from the third through the ninth story. The hotel will also have a roof deck and a cellar, which will host a bar and lounge. An outdoor plaza connected to the hotel will serve as a parking lot with room for 66 cars. Apparently, demolition applications to knock down the current building on the lot have been filed too.

We find it truly surreal to picture a large hotel on the ugly, oily, dingy Stewart Ave. As Brokelyn joked, the hotel will have romantic views over Newtown Creek and will have to deal with debilitating stink of a meat processing plant that made Ashley Zelinskie of The Active Space a vegetarian.

With the news about 333 Johnson Ave being converted into a “creative community” (pretty much an office space with a restaurant) and a nightclub coming to 599 Johnson Ave,  the industrial park of East Williamsburg will likely be changed in ways beyond our wildest imagination…

Is something like this coming to Bushwick?

Rendering of the planned exterior of The William Vale (Credit: Albo Liberis)

Correction: previous version of the article incorrectly stated that Riverside Developers are connected to Hotel Wythe. They are in fact connected to The William Vale Hotel. 




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