TGIF: Arts in Bushwick is Making History this Sunday

Arts in Bushwick is back with TGIF! A yearly series providing Bushwick Daily readers with a weekly recap of our blog’s top stories. The Arts in Bushwick blog is an online journal devoted to chronicling the activities and events of our organization and the broader creative community in Bushwick.

Unfamiliar with Arts in Bushwick, want to sign up for #BushwickOpenStudios, or want to create a profile on our new website? Come meet your neighbors and attend a mixer at a local spot. The next mixer will be on April 26 from 2-4pm at The Sampler.

Did you miss craze that was Armory Arts Week? Check out the awesome contributors of Bushwick artists and curators at the Spring/Break Art Show in Electric Transactions.

Want to get your hands on some affordably priced original artwork? In anticipation of #BOS15, the annual Arts in Bushwick Benefit is opening this Sunday, April 19, from 4-7pm. A three-week exhibition rather than the usual one night affair, the exhibition will close on May 10th with a raffle event for ticket holders.

Are you interested in contributing to the Arts in Bushwick Blog? We are looking for writers and photographers who are interested in collaborating with our team to create dynamic, in-depth, and original content! Email [email protected] for more information!

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