Bushwick Notebook cover mock up

April’s Fools jokes aside, the first issue of Bushwick Notebook, our fabulously awesome new print magazine, will be hitting the streets on June 1- and everyone from Bogart to Broadway will be flipping through the pages of our stylish, new quarterly publication!

We are turning to Bushwick businesses because besides page advertising we’ve developed the perfect solution for you to get seen by our readers.

Introducing Discovery Maps!

You may remember our maps from last year’s No BS BOS print guide; beautifully designed, playful, walkable maps of the area’s main hubs, with numbered dots and corresponding listings. This year, we’re retooling the maps (i.e. making them cooler than ever) and incorporating them into Bushwick Notebook as our own unique version of a business directory.

jefferson district

Only $99 Per Listing!

You can submit your map listing for our June Issue NOW by filling out this form. EASY! Want a discounted rate? Purchasing listings in multiple issues ofBushwick Notebook will give you incremental discounts (up to 15% off for 4 Issues).

Deadline Is May 5

The wheels are in motion, guys, and Bushwick’s first and only print magazine is on its way! So get your business submitted today to be included in our killer first issue, just in time for Bushwick Open Studios (as organized by AiB)! As always, please call (908.346.0333) or email our sponsorship guru Ken ([email protected]) if you have any questions.