Screenshots from the game

Not that we want you to start off your week procrastinating but there is a new mobile game (Androids only!) set in Bushwick and we thought you might enjoy it.

Bushwick Rush was developed by local artist Zhenyu Liu and it is about an artist going to a fictitious Bushwick art museum, 888 Museum. “Most of the objects in the game are based on real scene on Wyckoff Avenue,” says the description of the game in Google Store. “I am trying to express my understanding about young artists’ struggle by developing this game,” explains Liu on his site.

And the game truly offers some funky elements of the Bushwick struggle.  You won’t be priced out but there is guitar falling from the sky (which we all know can totally happen); if you don’t pay attention you might fall in a pothole on the road (if you’ve ever biked on Myrtle Ave, you know that the danger is more than real); and yes, you’re going to get high, oh so high. You must avoid a cop car; run by ugly graffiti; and make sure that Nike slipper doesn’t hit you in the head.

The game is pretty basic but quite to it is say quite addictive.

So check it out and let me know if you made it to the museum, because I just keep getting high…