ted x bushwick

TEDxBushwick conference we announced back in October is getting its final shape. The event will be held on March 21, 2015 at Livestream Public. The speakers will talk about Translating Transformation, and ponder “the diversity and ongoing cultural shifts of the Bushwick community, and their reflection of the world at large.”  The organizers, Patrycja Slawuta and Minda Aguhob, believe that the event will truly put Bushwick on the map.

The final list of the speakers is still not yet complete as “[t]hey are still in the process of being confirmed as each must complete a series of workshops leading up to the event in order to be a definite speaker at the event,” told us a TEDxBushwick rep. However, TEDxBushwick will introduce 11 speakers touching upon various topics that relate to transformation in their field of knowledge.  The organizers were able to confirm Minerva Tantoco, the first female CTO of NYC and Debra Alfarone, emmy-nominated reporter, both of whom will be speaking live. 

In the mean time, TEDxBushwick is gearing towards their fundraising event on Thursday, March 12 at PaperBox (17 Meadow St, Brooklyn). The event will gather the speakers, entrepreneurs, and Bushwick locals “to support and celebrate Bushwick’s diverse community.” It will feature DJs, performers, as well as an exclusive tutorial on how to give the TED talk of your life, lead by the organizer, Minda Aguhob. “It’s a chance for the Bushwick community to come together, not only to connect and network, but to learn how to share their ideas on stage and let their voices be heard,” told us TEDxBushwick rep. The price of a ticket starts on $20; $25 at the day of the event. 

To attend TEDxBushwick event itself, you have to apply online. What kind of TEDx experience can we expect in Bushwick? Minda Aguhob told us:

The experience will have a distinct flavor of Bushwick’s DIY, creative scene in combination with the global organizational structure of TED. We hope to create a platform for the artistic and innovative voices of the community’s movers and shakers to get the chance to have the chance to get real-time feedback from residents, influential leaders, and the world. The experience should inspire each of us to be more conscious of the transformations that constantly occur around us, even in some of the most unexpected places, and provide the structure to work towards ensuring positive changes for the benefit of all.

TEDxBushwick Fundraiser @ Paper Box, 17 Meadow St, Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 12 6pm-2am. Tickets $20-25.