A Better Bushwick: The Lucas Brothers Are Co-Writing an Autobiographical Comedy for Fox

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If you hang out at Tutu’s lately, you might have caught a glimpse of the Lucas brothers, a famed twin-brother comedy duo. The fellas have been busy lately with their animated series on FOX called Lucas Bros. Moving Co. about twins too stoned and too weak to move anything; with their upcoming sketch show on TruTV; and let’s not forget their big break in the blockbuster sequel 22 Jump Street, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Well, the brothers (who also apparently live in Bushwick and love weed truly, madly, deeply) will be even busier as Deadline.com reports that the twins are currently working on a live-action, single camera comedy project for Fox called A Better Bushwick. 

“A Better Bushwick will mirror the real-life story of identical twin brothers Keith and Kenny dropping out of their third year at Duke and NYU law schools, respectively, in order to pursue their dreams. In real life, the two left to pursue careers as actor/comedians. On the show, they will do it to become community organizers,” wrote Deadline. 

It seems like we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of our beloved pigeon town on TV soon.  (Not that we haven’t seen enough of it already.)

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