Photo by Julia Cawley courtesy of Brooklyn Based

Just like a day camp for the cool kids of media, writing, editing, community management and entrepreneurship will be the second year of Indie Media Camp organized by the fab team of Brooklyn Based.  This must-attend event for any indie media maker is going down this coming Wednesday on November 19 from 1am to 6pm at 501 Union in Gowanus.

Bushwick Daily team being a proud indie publication who bootstrapped our way into your hearts and into the fourth year of successful existence have attended Indie Media Camp also last year, and boy, did we have a blast. The cool thing about the Camp is that it’s not your ordinary (read boring) media conference. Indie Media Camp is truly relevant event, which is up-to-speed with the fast age of Internet with a refreshing roster of speakers from the publications we all love and read.

This year’s IMC will present a mix of panels, how-tos and talks. Brooklyn Based have curated a range of fascinating discussions between the staff at national sites and media companies like Food52, Bon Appetit, BuzzFeed, Barkbox, Time, Inc., Medium and Narratively, alongside New York news and culture sources like Gothamist and Corner Media. In the workshop sessions you’ll learn practical skills like how to take great photos with your iPhone from BKC, the best images to share on Pinterest and Instagram from Refinery29′s social media manager, and how to write better headlines from a master, Jere Hester. And yes, this year even Bushwick Daily will be represented among the presenters–yours truly will have a talk about our forthcoming platform Village that will surely change the world of hyperlocal journalism (we are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to build it).

So if Indie Media Camp speaks to your heart, make sure you come say hi! And here’s some good news. The Bushwick Daily readers wishing to attend Indie Media Camp have a special discount! Use the promo code Bushbabies to get in for $99 instead of regular $150.

Indie Media Camp @ 501 Union, Gowanus (WED Nov. 19, 10am to 6pm; tickets: $150 regular; $99 Bushwick Daily readers).