What’s new in Bushwick? Well, the streets of Bushwick (and Brooklyn) will be experiencing less gang violence. The media have announced this morning that 14 members of the “Outlaw” tribe of Latin Kings gang based in Bushwick and East New York are facing up to 25 years in prison after being charged with conspiracy relating to two brutal attacks that left four victims maimed including an attempted scalping last year in Park Slope. All this because they ‘disrespected’ them, wrote NY Daily News today.

The leader of the “Outlaw” tribe, Luis Blanco, 26, (nicknames: “King Humble” aka “Humble Willcutyou”) is accused of  two brutal attacks and of sending text messages promoting the violence.

Other members of the gang who used nicknames such as “King Happy,” “King Savage,” “King Gucci” and “Queen Life,” are accused of have been charged with kidnapping and beating a rival to a pulp last month.

New 12 Brooklyn wrote that alleged leader made videos of gang members showing off weapons used in the attacks.

Latin Kings is the is the largest and one of the most organized Hispanic street gangs, according to Wikipedia.  It was formed in 1940s in Chicago and has two subdivides: Motherland operates throughout the US, and Bloodline, which operates in New York City. Bloodline is further subdivided into tribes, such as the Outlaw tribe busted in Bushwick.   The gang’s primary source of income is the street-level distribution of powder cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.