A Horrific Story About a DIY Move: Do Yourself a Favor and Get FlatRate Moving

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“I am going to die in this apartment,” my roommate shouted. “We are NEVER moving again.”

See what a horrible move can do to you? What was supposed to be a super-exciting summer day in our Bushwick lives turned out to be The Moving Day from Hell…

We were four girls leaving our 4-bedroom duplex off the Knickerbocker M stop relocating to the Dekalb L stop. So it really wasn’t like we were moving across the country, or even NYC. The short distance tricked us into thinking we were capable of becoming moving day heroes and doing the move totally ourselves. We figured “tiny distance, tiny stress” right? It will be fun, we said, a bonding experience, we said, it’s too tough finding NYC movers we said…

But boy, were we wrong.

I have never walked between two places  nine times… Nine! Back and forth. So, in other words, I passed the same people 18 times within a span of a few hours. Now, I don’t mean to complain – I mean I should be grateful I have the ability to walk – but oh my God, my bodega guy was running out of jokes to say to me as I passed him with my hamper…my boxes…my wire bookshelf (yes I have one of those). I glared as I passed my fellow “the lease ended on the 31st” people who were holding open the doors for their FlatRate Moving men, gracefully unloading their sparkly trucks and stacking their cardboard boxes neatly in their new homes. All while I was silently crying out of frustration because the plastic garbage bag that was holding the contents of my underwear drawer suddenly ripped on the corner of Knickerbocker and Harman. (Note: metal picture frames will make said plastic bags rip).


The funniest part was that we even had a family van help us transport some of our bigger belongings but it just wasn’t enough. We also took the van back and forth a nightmarish six times (anyone who knows parking in the city knows what I am talking about). Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, four girls… You can imagine how much STUFF we had. (Can I please tell you that we ended up persuading our old management to buy our couch because we just simply ‘could not’ by the end of the day? Don’t let this happen to you).

Looking back this is what I wished we had done:

Called FlatRate Moving. The end. My roommate was actually fascinated with moving companies and obsessed with getting hypothetical quotes prior to our move. She did this for a good two weeks before our lease ended, before I made her drink the Kool Aid and before we thought we were body builders with minimalistic bedrooms who decided to just DIY. NEVER DIY MOVING DAY – unless you really know what you are doing (which let’s be honest, you probably don’t). Crafts, clothes, shows – all great for DIY. Moving day, eh not so much.

Instead of sweating bullets as we dragged our mattresses down flights of stairs and across streets, FlatRate Moving could have given us a stress-free moving experience with no hidden surprises. Better yet, they offer all inclusive, guaranteed prices that will not change come moving day (so that means no ‘HAHA (ala Nelson from the Simpsons) you owe 89 gajillion dollars in hidden service fees!’). All I am saying is that if you are like me and spent hours scouring the Internet for The Perfect Apartment on The Perfect Block don’t ruin it by messily moving all your stuff yourself and having a Less Than Perfect Move…

Call FlatRate Moving to schedule your move today at 212-988-9292 or book them online here.

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