Tuesday People: Rafael Fuchs + Alicia Papanek

Tuesday People X Curbs and Stoops

is an art exhibition compiled for Bushwick Open Studios ’11. All of the 14 participating artists were previously featured in the

Tuesday People series

here on Bushwick Daily. Each of the artists was assigned a creative partner and a task to create work inspired by the encounter with the other person in their own media.  The assignment lead to a surprising, interactive and community-driven art show. You should definitely come to the Closing Party on July 8, 7-11pm at

Curbs and Stoops

, 566 Johnson.

About a month ago, shortly before we hung the works of Tuesday People at Curb and Stoops, I accepted the invitation to visit the studio of Rafael Fuchs, cult photographer, Bushwick celebrity, and one of the 14 artists participating in this show. He told us how he met painter Alicia Papanek, his creative buddie in this project; how he attempted to scare her to death with his crazy email; and how eventually this encounter made him think about his artistic expression as a photographer. I recorded our discussion, and you can watch it right here:

At the time of our interview, Rafael hadn’t seen the work of Alicia Papanek for the show yet, and suggested that the first email he sent to her in order to see if it scares her, becomes a part of the show… What he didn’t know was that Alicia experimenting with topography at the time, already made this happen… She had the email carved with a laser into wood, making the email part of the exhibition.

*At this point I can imagine you’re dying to read the text of the email 😉 And because you are awesome readers, here goes the transcript of the Alicia typography on wood.

Hey Alicia,

I know !

What a chutzpa does Katarina have !!!:):)

Doesn’t she know we are two busy individuals who are trying to eat a healthy meal every day.

I’ll have to check u out, if I’ll be lucky to have the luxury time on my side.

I’ll make it happen

I got a couple of Louis Vuitton bags…

A bit loud for my taste, but than again, i do like the purple and the stripes.

I’ll get u those and we’ll do a glam shoot !

Why not,

Or something similar.

What do u do?

RU American ?

I was born in Tel Aviv,

I speak Hebrew, as well,

I like the desert, and the beaches,

My father was a holocaust survivor (three years in buchenwwald.)

I’m very handsome (you’ll see…

Ask Katarina)

I guess she wants us to introduce ourselves, first.

I’m doing a photo shoot tomorrow night at The Morgan (the new spot on Bogart and Varet)

I saw a picture of u, with a doll ,

U were wearing a pretty dress,

Do u think I’m cute ?

Oh, I’m mixing with a song I use 2like,

I also participate in an art show at the Fire proof spot on Saturday evening

Ok, I’ll check u out now.

I have a nice picture next to me,

I’ll attach it here.

It’s called “The Way We Live”

I took it for the Millennium issue of Newsweek.

Do u think I’m weird ?

Do u think I’m sincere?


An artist?

We have tons of time, till the 30th.

Let’s make money,


Do u smoke?


Ahh… now I read the email of katarina, and i see that ur a writer.

I guess I’m a poet too.

Do u cook?

I do.

I’ll cook 4U…

I make great salads.

RU vegetarian ?

Boker Tov means Good morning in Hebrew.

Do u like Joanna Newson?

Do u like the band Phoenix? My Morning Jacket?

I do.



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