Instagram Takeover – Tim Waltman – Direction – Arrow sign, sky

Direction. Isn’t that what so many of us think about? Stress about? (Cry about. Oh, that’s just me?) Well Tim Waltman‘s Insta-Takeover last week only gave us reasons to smile. (No crying here!) Tim focused on the idea of Direction; keeping that theme in mind while you’re perusing his work will highlight some creative literal and figurative interpretations. So think about what direction means to you and scroll on down to see some of our favorite photos from his Insta-Takeover. Then head on over to our Instagram to check out the rest!

In a fitting conclusion to summer, this last week of August is all about the partay. Sam Kellam is a freelance blogger and electronic music junkie (funky house, specifically) who calls Bushwick and its many coffee shops home. As we speak, Sam is documenting the booming nightlife of our neighborhood in an Insta-Takeover called “Life of the Party.” He will explore everything that goes into the creation of a great party, focusing specifically on the individual elements that make them unique. The lighting, the spaces, the dancefloors, the DJs…

Will you join Sam in summer’s last hurrah? “This week is all about saying yes and seeing what the neighborhood has in store,” he says. We are so in.

Are you our next Insta-Takeover photographer? Just fill out the super easy Insta-application HERE!

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