…because Bushwick is a fave spot of celebrities who appear and disappear and some of them actually play that promised secret show. (Yes, I am looking at you Jay-Z…)

This past Sunday, the handsomely talented Oscar winner Jared Leto made an appearance in our beloved Pigeon Town by a (super-last minute) invitation of Livestream who themselves recently made former 3rd Ward building their homebase.

The man who broke our hearts as teenage dream boyfriend Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life first in the 1990s and then again last year when we rewatched the show for fashion inspiration, attracted 200 folks filling the capacity of Livestream fully, and over 10,000 online who watched him play his live acoustic set.

Jared visited Livestream HQ on Friday after attending a screening for his new movie Artifact the night before in New York City and he immediately received praise for the colorful patterned coat he wore. Later he played a show in New Jersey with Linkin Park, and on Saturday he emailed Livestream to see if they could organize an impromptu live performance for him. Livestream naturally said yes!

So does even Jared know what Bushwick is? Sure he does. Livestream guys told us that when they first mentioned to Jared that we moved to Bushwick on a phone call a month or so ago, Jared said he knew about it and had already visited. On Friday, Jared a had a chance to enjoy the amazing rooftop views from the Livestream building, and  apparently, really got the industrial/pioneer/creative/entrepreneur vibe going on here…

Well, Jared seems like a cool dude to us. If you missed the show on Sunday, don’t be sad because Livestream surely will bring more cool impromptu shows to Morgan Avenue.