Photo Yaz Rosete & Scarlett North Cavanaugh for Bushwick Daily

August is almost over and a couple of you, dear readers have noticed that this year we came short off our annual July entertainment, Roberta’s Block Party.

Unfortunately, according to our source, the annual tradition of Bushwick’s most famous restaurant, Roberta’s where Clintons as well as Carters  dine next to you or me (well, not me ’cause I hate the wait) is not happening this year. According to our source the party has been cancelled due to a large number of neighbors’ complaints and unmanageable crowds the event was attracting. We would have loved to bring you more light as to the reasons why and if the decision is final and for eternity, but Roberta’s press department did not respond to our inquires up to this date.

So what are you missing this year? Check out our video from last year to refresh your memory…