Rooftops on Cornelia Street between Evergreen and Bushwick

When Spencer Starnes proposed that his Insta-Takeover theme would be the south side of Bushwick, I didn’t expect it to be so…beautiful. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve lived along the J/M/Z for years now and I know my side of the ‘hood is charming as hell, but it generally doesn’t get as much fanfare as its L-area counterpart. Last week, justice was served and Spencer captured it in all its ordinarily magnificent glory. He tracked down Bushwick movers and shakers like Matthew Silver and the Daptone Records staff for one-of-a-kind portraits. And perhaps more impressively, he caught the sense of movement that us residents associate with the area, like kids playing in the street and MTA construction workers doing their thang.

This week the South has truly traveled up to Bushwick…in the form of guest Insta-Takeover Nicole Craine! (Sorry, Nicole, I had to segue somehow.) Nicole is a self-described “Southern Belle (lordah’mercy) and freelance photographer living in Bushwick, Brooklyn and specializing in portrait and documentary-style photography.” She edits for Getty Images and shoots for several magazines and musicians around the city. She once made a penis series while she was attending school in the South that ended up being censored and in the Kinsey Institute’s permanent collection because of it. You go, girl.

Nicole’s concept for the week is Bushwick “5-9,” and she’ll be focusing on that time of day when the sun sets and the evening begins. We love what she’s done already, so stay tuned to our Instagram page to catch the rest!

Scroll down for some of our favorite Spencer Starnes photos of Bushwick’s southern parts (hehe) and definitely head to the full feed for more!

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