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Maybe you don’t need any Dr. Lisa platitudes, but if you get my drift, help me spread the word—vacationing alone is the best present you will ever give yourself-the tricky thing is, it’s disguised as a last choice, not the first choice status it deserves. Having taken many vacations by myself, from India to Block Island, I can tell you these have been some of the best times of my life as well as helping me develop a sense of freedom in other areas such as going to a party where I won’t know anyone or asking strangers to help me fix my car, etc. The best part is we’re from Bushwick, so at least we’ll have interesting stuff to chat about with all our new bff’s.

Plan it now–summer is swinging by—and now that you’ve decided to go by yourself–no need to wait. Here’s the best reason for not waiting— from a psychological report on vacationing: “Vacations do make people happy,” Mr. Nawijn, lead author, said: “But we found people who are anticipating holiday trips show signs of increased happiness.” So in other words having something to look forward to can make you happier even more than the actual trip!

Picking the place to go alone of course is key, but you can benefit from time alone even on a staycation if you’re broke. The beach is always easy and extra special because everyone at the beach is always in a good mood, because like you, they are on vacation.

The bigger the adventure, the more personal development is likely, but the more preparation should be made for the trip. Here some ideas for places to go by yourself. And here’s 20 great U.S. cities to visit- geared for young people.

Here’s a child who’s going to want to go on vacation by herself when she grows up. photo: courtesy of

So let me break down for you why vacation alone is the best:

Freedom to plan it when and where. Obviously, that’s great. You may be surprised what you come up with when you don’t have to compromise where to go. Last year I went to a place where I could rent a car and practice driving easily. And you know what, it worked. I just drove back from Long Island City today!

The sex is great. If you hook up with someone, well, no social residue, hell, you’re on vacation! Plus you can also masturbate whenever you want, use anything in the room. Do it when YOU’RE in the mood.

The food tastes better. If you don’t love sitting at a table alone, the bar is a no-brainer. You can actually focus on the food instead of your companion. Eat or drink whatever you like—no judgments. And if you feel like bringing into your room a crab roll with a scoop of ice cream and pop tarts on it – hell, you’re on vacation—enjoy! You can even eat it while taking a bath and no one will feel ignored.

Better TV shows and movies. Whatever entertainment you wish—it’s up to you. No compromise. Watch a whole day of Michael Bay films, the latest romcom, porno, anyone? — No one will even know!

 Develop new people skills. One of the things that I think has been great for me is when I’m on vacation alone, I’m much more likely to meet people (refer to: The Sex is Great). This is a multi-valuable skill. My theory is that if you’re in a strange place and you likely will never see these people again, what do you care what they think of you? Also, one time, I couldn’t figure how to put gas in my rental car. This and all sorts of situations will find you bonding with strangers. You can lose the self-consciousness of being alone. Also, feel free to dress up your resume however you like—no ones checking.

Someone in this group must be unhappy about those outfits and they’re not saying it! photo: Courtesy of

Dump your responsibilities and the reminders of them. Imagine spending long days without someone who knows what your job is like, or why you’re still mad at your Dad. It’s a great way to get some fresh perspective. Maybe your girlfriend is wrong about your boss when you think about it…

Let’s be honest, people you know and are close to get on your nerves eventually—at least at some point. Enjoy your feeling of superiority watching that couple at the bar get into it, while your drinking your margarita relaxed and happy.

Get help from social media, but not too much. Tinder and finding local “friends” on Facebook can be helpful, but can take up too much of your psyche if you don’t use them judiciously. (See above: Dump Your…)

Come back fresh and more interesting. See how people appreciate you more. There’s nothing better than regaling your friends about the dinner party on a boat you got invited to while sitting alone on a dock. (It happened to me for real.) I mean Bushwick is an exciting place, but it can wear off—any place any person can become familiar after a while. Get out there and challenge yourself a little—with the luxury of only having to make one person happy. Now that’s a true vacation.

Let me know how it goes: [email protected]

Love U!

Dr. Lisa