There is one connecting feel nowadays among people who were involved in

Bushwick Open Studios ’11


 We are tired!

 We walk on the streets zombie style. Our eyes are swollen, because we finally managed to sleep after a multiple-night-long sleep deprivation, and a mild hysteria caused by 10,000-item long check list to get our studio ready for hundreds of visitors.

We are tired because, in addition to getting our own studio ready, we most likely endured a marathon-and-half long run between all the galleries, all the spaces spaces and all the studios of our friends…

Ah, let’s not forget that we have a multiple hangover, because of all the openings we went to, and our voices are gone because we talked to millions of people…

 But …we are so happy!

 Because we know that if we can get this much done, we can do basically anything. We cooperated with awesome people, which gave our own work a new exciting dimension. We saw so much good stuff that we just want to keep doing more and better things! We made new friends and at the end of the day, we re-fell in love with this post-industrial piece of Brooklyn where the hydrants are opened, and the pigeons are flying in awesome formations called Bushwick….

 And the very same feelings are attached to the very first exhibition of the blog Bushwick Daily located in the active space of art accessibility think tank Curbs and Stoops at 566 Johnson. Its preparation took a lot of work, but the result was worth it!

14 amazing artists previously featured in our acclaimed Tuesday People series, delivered their pieces. We placed the pieces following their assignment into pairs. It was truly interesting how different people dealt with relatively broad assignment – to create a piece inspired by the encounter with the other person. Most of the people didn’t know each other before. Some of them decided to make portraits of each other, others went for collaboration…

 Tuesday People will be on view at Curbs & Stoops until July 3 and you can visit it every working day between 1pm-7pm, or per appointment.

 Let’s look at the outcomes of this interesting project little closer and let’s introduce the works of each pair separately….