This week’s Friday First features the enigmatic electro-pop duo, Tiny Victories and their debut album Haunts, out June 10th on Brooklyn indie label The Sleepover Party. Friday First is a weekly column premiering brand spanking new releases from local, national, and international bands.

Rolling in with the intensity of a summertime thunderstorm, Bushwick-based dyad Tiny Victories’ debut album Haunts is a dark yet celebratory masterpiece. As the album title aptly suggests, the recurring sonic theme is the human inclination to cling to the things that haunt our subconscious. Swirled in energetic, retro-synths, hazy electro reverb, Cason Kelly’s relentless drum pounding, and the heart-wrenchingly vigorous vocals of Greg Walters – Haunts will resonate with fans of New Villager, LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode.

Whether you find yourself “drinking with the ghost” of someone you miss; aching for the life you used to lead; or simply needing a funky escape from the demons of your current relationship (check out “Let It Burn”) –  allow Tiny Victories and their debut album Haunt to cast out your ghosts with booming, beautiful tunes!

Dance with your ghosts and catch these Bushwick boys on Saturday, June 21st at Baby’s All Right or Saturday, July 12th at Glasslands Gallery!