Instagram Takeover – Sexy week – man in front of mural

If you’ve checked out Bushwick Daily’s Instagram feed lately, you may have been surprised to stumble across a lot of…words. That’s because Luke Wilhelmi, the newest guest photographer for our #BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover series, is putting a fun spin on things by featuring fonts. We are so bombarded by signs 24/7 in NYC that it’s actually easy to forget they exist. That’s why we’re thrilled that Luke – a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Portland, OR and current resident of Bushwick – has volunteered to sift through them with his professional eye for us. He’ll be pointing out the type and signage significant to Bushwick, and we’ll be taking notes (in very sloppy handwriting).

Scroll down for highlights from Katie Killary’s search for Bushwick’s #BDSexy side last week. And definitely keep your eyes peeled for Luke’s photos on the Bushwick Daily Instagram page.

Interested in participating in a #BushwickDaily Insta-takeover? Submit a quick application here!

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