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BOS Registration

Don’t miss your final chance to register your studio for this year’s Bushwick Open Studios! If you haven’t heard by now this year’s BOS is getting serious with some changes that the folks at Arts in Bushwick are hoping will bring the focus back to the artists and their studios – which is what the event is all about. So if you haven’t done it yet, get out from under your rock and get your butt to Skytown TONIGHT to register your studio, apartment, or broom closet to be included on the coveted AiB BOS Directory!

Don’t have a space, but still want like to get involved? There are many opportunities to match up with other artists and groups that are planning pop-ups all around the neighbor.  Find out about these opportunities here.

Not an artist, but want to participate? There are a number of different opportunities to volunteer, register your business as a hub, or collaborate with other community projects.  Check out the AiB website for more information, stay tuned to find out how Bushwick Daily is getting involved, too!