SXSW may be fading into our rearview mirror but the hangover that came along with it isn’t. Lucky for us, the music scene in NY never fails to uplift, and these 10 handpicked shows [Thursday-Sunday] will cure even the mildest case of the hangover blues.

#10 Casanovas In Heat, Lurve, Failed States, Big City @ Don Pedro’s (THURS 8 pm, $7)

Casanovas In Heat, a punk band from Boston, come to light up BK this Thursday, and among their genres they list “punk deranged deranged punk hardcore goth hardcore post punkwhite lung Canada“. If this sounds up your alley there’s no sweeter place to form a moshpit than Don Pedro’s.

#9 Anamanaguchi, Maxo, AWKWAFINA @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (FRI 8 pm, $FREE)

BK’s own Anamanaguchi, hot off the heels of a sexy SXSW tour, are playing a free show at the Night Bazaar, and you should totally be there! Also on the bill is lady sarcasm Awkwafina, a rapper whose hilarious song, “My Vag” we wrote about a few years ago!

#8 Vulture Shit, Mannequin Pussy, Gym Shorts, Big Neck Police @ Emet (FRI 8 pm, $5)

Anytime a new venue in the Bushwick area pops up we feel required to highlight it. Emet, located at 75 Stewart Ave, seems promising, and with all ages $5 shows, we’re definitely in! Check out local bigtimers Vulture Shit and Mannequin Pussy on Friday.

#7 So So Glos, Household, Arm Candy @ Judson Memorial Church (SAT 10:30, $5-10)

This show, a Silent Barn benefit, features real NY rockers The So So Glos rocking out in a W Village church. It’s a late show, with doors at 10:30, and drinks will be available. Tight.

#6 Colin Stetson, Brooklyn Youth Chorus @ Merkin Concert Hall (SAT 7:30, $25)

Colin Stetson, a saxaphonist who you may know from touring with Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, and others, is headlining the Ecstatic Music Festival at Lincoln Center. The performance, though pricey, is a treat for classical, experimental, and fusion music fans everywhere and will not dissapoint!

#5 RYM presents Beto Cravioto @ Lot 45 (FRI 10 pm, $FREE)

This Friday, check out new venue and club lounge Lot 45, who open their doors for a free party with J. BONJOURREYNALD PHILIPPE, and CHOKO, who will keep the Euro vibes bumpin’, the records spinnin’, and you dancin’ all nite long.

#4 La Femme, Future Punx, DJBP @ Glasslands (SUN 9 pm, $12)

La Femme, a French psyche-punk rock band, headlines Glasslands this Sunday with our local obsession, Future Punx. Don’t miss it.

#3 Bang On! Presents Frequency @ Secret Warehouse off Jefferson L (SAT 9 PM, $40+)

Bang On! is back with their art raves, and kick off the first Frequency Party of the season at an all new, secret E. Willyb warehouse. What’s this party entail? “Expect circus performers flying overhead, Burning Man Art Cars, illuminated aerial art installations, live body painting, food vendors, and much, much more.” Sweeeeeet! Tickets here.

#2 Burnt Ones, Raw McCartney, RIPS, Stay At Home Dads @ Death By Audio (SUN 8 pm, $7)

Burnt Ones, Burger Records and Castle Face alumnis, have been on our radar for some time and we’re stoked they’re make time to stop off in Brooklyn. Come to jam out to their bashy, psych garage rock.

#1 Psychic Twin, Beat Culture, Foxes in Fiction, Bright Future @ Radio Bushwick (SAT 9 pm, $7)

We just saw Psychic Twin in Austin, but that doesn’t mean we won’t go see them again at the Winter Music Series’ final show of the season! Also on the bill are Foxes In Fiction, who played BD’s CMJ showcase, Beat Culture, and Bright Future. Don’t forget about the free beer 8-9 pm!

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