Ah, Bushwick in the Polar Vortex – where jumping giant slush puddles and fearing frostbite is the norm. I cannot remember what a warm, sunny day feels like or what I look like in an outfit that doesn’t consist of boots and 17 layers. (Please tell me I am not the only one who has started to wear leggings under everything, including jeans.) Despite these snowy weather conditions the L, M and J have still been coming out and doing their jobs…kind of. There were oodles of train/bus delays yesterday but I was still a bit surprised that the M didn’t have a total breakdown because of the snow or something. We know how sensitive the M can be.

Even though I do not have much “the-day-after-the-storm” train news to report to you, I do have some M and L train service changes occurring next week to let you know about. Take a look:

First, the M train:

Secondly, the L train:

L Train Update

Also, as a Valentine’s Day treat I’m adding some extra train news for you (via Gothamist). In cased you missed it, there is a new project in town called the Efficient Passenger Project, which aims to put up signs in the subway to help subway riders easily figure out which is the best train car to ride for the fastest exit or transfer. However, this project is not MTA-sanctioned so the MTA has been taking down the signs these guys are putting up. The MTA believes that these signs could create bottle-necking situations and overcrowding in cars (okay, understandable). What do you think? Are unauthorized “cheat-sheet-esque” subway transfer signs a go, or do you think we’re good and can figure it out ourselves?