This week’s Listening Party features Brooklyn psych-pop quintet Snowmine and their upcoming show  next Thursday at Glasslands.  Listening Party is a curated weekly column promoting music discovery and encouraging concert-going. Featuring someone we’ve been jamming out to and we recommend to the masses, each Listening Party artist has an upcoming show at a local NYC venue. Grab your headphones and read on.

WHO:  Grayson Sanders,  Austin Mendenhall,  Calvin Pia, Jay Goodman, Alex Beckmann

THEY SAY:  “Psychedelic pop sounds”

WE SAY: A swell of ambient and synth currents that will have you flying overboard

FROM: Brooklyn, NY


RECENT WORK: Their upcoming self-release Dialects, out February 4th.

UPCOMING SHOW:  Their album release party  next Thursday (2/6) at Glasslands  (with This is Head  and Vensaire)

It’s almost Valentines Day, my single comrades – but fear not – The Brooklyn boys of Snowmine  provide a dreamy psych-pop soundtrack that will have you “accidentally making eyes” across that L train platform. These guys opened for our  Bushwick Music Crush San Fermin at the Music Hall of Williamsburg back in December and blew us away. The layers of multi-instrumental arrangements, echoing vocals, acrobatic guitar riffs and occasional tribal beats provide a transformative sound.  Composer and vocalist Grayson Sanders’ voice (often compared to Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes)  seems to float atop the lush layers, like a ship navigating the currents of each masterfully produced track. Opting out of a record label deal, the band thoughtfully formed their own crowd-funding plan for their newest work, Dialects on Mystery Buildings. A bit moodier and darker than their previous stuff, Snowmine’s newest masterpiece will  have fans of The Shins’ Port of Morrow on deck. How could you not fall in love? Just take a look at this note from the band below and prepare to be totally twitterpated.

From the band: “To give you some background on the recording, there are no foreign samples on this album.  Every single sound and orchestral moment was written, arranged, and recorded by us.  The goal of the album was to capture a surreal ambiance that married hyper modern ambient synth tones with vintage 60’s sounding cinematic orchestral motifs.  We recorded a choir, strings, woodwinds, and reamped synths in a church to capture truly real stereo reverbs, so in headphones you can feel physical, not artificially created space.”

Bring a date, or find one there – we’ll catch you at Glasslands next Thursday (2/6) for the Dialects album release party.