Slideluck Potshow has toured over 40 cities in the world and this Saturday it is coming to 3rd Ward in Bushwick! The idea of Slideluck is simple. People come, have chili, beer, talk and watch slideshows showing art by local artists. Could there be a better way to combine art than with food and a party? Bushwick Daily chatted with Slideluck’s producer, who is also a Bushwick resident, Carly Planker.

What’s the idea behind Slideluck Potshow?

Slideluck Potshow as a global initiative, as an art program it is about being inclusive, about creating a nurturing artistic environment. We are trying to bring people together instead of excluding people. A lot of art openings in New York feel cold. As you walk into a Slideluck event, it feels so friendly. It is about community experience.

How did it all start?

It all started in the Seattle backyard of my boss, Casey Kelbaugh. Soon it started to grow, and now people just email us from all over the world to say that they want to have a show in their city. Last year was the busiest year we’ve ever had. We did the whole European tour; this year we’re launching Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

It’s such a simple idea…And it’s working great.

Yes. It’s simple. People like food, people like art, people like to hang out.

What about the Bushwick edition of Slideluck Potshow? Is it going to be somehow special?

The last 4 events we’ve done in New York were called Slidelucks, as opposed to Slideluck Potshows. There is no potluck dinner where people bring in food. Slidelucks are smaller events. Slideluck Potshow would have 40 artists; and for an event like Slideluck Bushwick, there will only be 20-25 artists. The food will be provided by a chili cook-off, we have 5 teams competing. There will be one vegan and one vegetarian chili.

The Bushwick event is the beginning of our Brooklyn series. We will be doing other smaller events in other neighborhoods. Although, Slideluck Bushwick might end up being kind of big, because of the 3rd Ward space, which allows it; we’re expecting about 200 people.

How do you select artists to participate? Are you going for big names or are you also showing artists who are just starting?

Definitely, the whole Brooklyn series will be about younger artists. We try to sprinkle in few people who are already well established. On Slideluck Bushwick, we will have Rene Clement, Sarah Small and Nat Ward.

What is the slideshow like?

We were trying to keep the whole show under an hour, and we are trying to have a variety of slideshows. There is a digital projector that will project on a white wall. We have all sorts of visual artists showing their work. Also we have two artists from 3rd Ward designing victory prizes for the chili competition: Buck Jackson made a lathe bowl and Michelle Beaulieu made a big victory pin.