Your Weekly Train Update: M is for Monster!

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Ah! That sneaky M train – acting all goody goody for the past few weeks (except the other day when, I guess, it decided to oversleep and not show up – who else did a mad dash for the L?) but then suddenly turns! That’s right – get ready to curse under your breath as the M train leaves you stranded, forces you to make THREE transfers and causes you to…gasp… maybe have to take the bus. I am obviously just being jokingly dramatic, and for the record I am probably the biggest fan of the buses, even when they are running late from traffic and all. This weekend looks to be alright in terms of Bushwick train service (unless the M decides it just “doesn’t feel like it”, the L train becomes claustrophobic, and the J train just gives up because it is tired of being “the reliable one”).

Anyways, let’s just say anyone who depends on the M trains in the evenings is going to be having a little underground adventure this upcoming week (hey, it could always be worse!):

Service ends early between Myrtle Av and 71 Av: Mon to Thur Jan 20- -23, late evenings 

Please use the following guide to arrive at your station before end of service:

To Delancey St/Essex St:

To Metropolitan Av:

Metropolitan Av

9:22 PM

Essex St

9:59 PM

Myrtle Av

9:34 PM

Marcy Av

10:08 PM

Service will operate between Myrtle Av and Metropolitan Av.

Travel alternatives:

E trains run local between Roosevelt Av and Parsons/Archer only.

F trains make all stops between 47-50 Sts and Delancey St/Essex St.

J trains make all stops between Delancey St/Essex St and Myrtle Av.

• Transfer between  F and J trains at Delancey St/Essex St.

• Transfer between J and M trains at Myrtle Av.

• Transfer between F and E trains at W 4 St.

Notes: See E, F advisories for additional information that may affect your trip.

           Late Night M service is not affected.

Ooook, so just remember to make alternate arrangements if you are traveling during these evening times as the M train decided it will be playing hooky  (M train?….M train?….Bueller?) Oh M you little monster – with your confusing service interruptions and your even more confusing instructions on what to do instead!

As always happy riding and check for any last minute changes!

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