The weeks go by and the music stays great. This week is extra special, with a whopping average of 15 shows per night on our oh-so-favorite music listing blog, And oh my GOOOOOODDDDD are these shows great! In our top 10, following the jump, we’ve got four free shows, a handful of local concerts, and the long-awaited farewell show at 285 Kent.

 #10 St. Lucia, Blank Paper @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (THUR / FRI 9PM,  $17)

St Lucia.

These two sold out shows (sorry) are for those who bought early! But we wish everyone with tickets a fun time, dancing away to the starry beats of St. Lucia.


 #9 Bleeding Rainbow, Hound, Sleepies, Clean Girls @ Death By Audio (FRI 8PM, $8)

We adore Philly-based power pop and rock band Bleeding Rainbow, whose quirky psych charm is ripe for the absorbing in the above video for their single, “Waking Dream.” We know this show will be fun and rowdy, after all, what show at DBA isn’t?


#8 Drenge, Cold Fronts @ Mercury Lounge (FRI 8PM, $10)

This show will be sweet! Philly’s Cold Fronts will, contrary to their name, heat you up with some body-wiggling rock’n’roll tunes and afterwards you’ll get a slick cool down from the UK duo Drenge, who’ll wash you over with their post-rock roar. Get tickets here.


#7 The Day Your Kid Went Punk with Thunders and Mad Doctors @ The Flat (SUN 8PM, FREE)

We’re not entirely sure what to expect from this event, but it’s confirmed that it will be “A night of crazy, silly punk rock and surf punk for your Sunday city blues” featuring Thunders and The Mad Doctors.


#6 Heaven’s Gate, Ex-Wife, Florida, Radio Shock @ Silent Barn (FRI 9PM, $6)

We were totally blown away by Heaven’s Gate‘s last brutal, lofi rock & power shoegaze album Transmuting, so we will be in the crowd of this show without a doubt.

#5 Sharkmuffin, Sunflower Bean @ Knitting Factory (FRI 12AM, FREE)

Sharkmuffin. Photo courtesy of the band!

This show is part of Knitting Factory’s new “Free Fridays” series, which will feature free midnight concerts! This week is Bushwick’s own girl power group, Sharkmuffin. Show up before midnight to get a drink-and-shot combo (they have some killer ones) and get excited for the music to start.

#4 Sinkane, Superhuman Happiness , Helado Negro , Slowdance ,DJ Thanksgiving Brown , and DJ Jaytram  @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (SAT 8PM, FREE with RSVP)

Sinkane. Photo courtesy of the band.

Sinkane is a band whose psychedelic, hypnotic, world-music-influenced rock sound we love, and we’re stoked that this band will be playing for free on Saturday at the always-present Night Bazaar. Don’t forget to RSVP  though- it will save you a long, tedious wait outside the venue. Also if you have anything to protect you (garlic? pocket knife? flask?) from throngs of all-ages fans, bring it.


#3 Matthew Dear, Matt Tolfrey, Ryan Crosson, jozif @ The Paper Box (SAT 8PM, $20)

Paper Box is starting to define itself as one of the top electronic music venues in the area! They had a Com Truise residency for all of December and now they feature an affordable show with one of Brooklyn’s most well-known electronic-glitch artists, Matthew Dear. Buy advanced tickets here.

#2 Prism House, Foxes in Fiction, Daytona, XNY, Palehound, Crooked Tails @ Spike Hill (THUR 7PM, FREE)

Daytona cuties. Photo courtesy of the band.

What a lineup for a free, rocking Thursday night show! Featuring Foxes in Fiction, who we booked at our CMJ show, and Daytona (members of Wild Yaks, Las Rosas), plus everyone else! This really seems like something none of us should miss. Don’t let the fact that it’s happening on Bedford Ave sway you; you got this.

#1 LAST SHOW EVER at 285 Kent with Fucked Up, DIIV, White Lung, Guardian Alien, LODRO, Special Guest @ 285 Kent (SUN 8PM, $15)

Bye 285. photo by Kaitlin Perry for BD.

It’s the end of an era, and this final show at 285 Kent will be a bit of a shit show. Expect incredible music, friends, moshing, drugs, tears, fears, joy and an air of mystery (who is the special guest?!!). No  better way to say goodbye to Williamsburg than to rage here one last time. Tickets are way sold out, but maybe if you go stand outside you’ll be able to sneak in. RIP!!! Get nostalgic here.