(photo by Katarin Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

We don’t need to remind you that Bushwick is rife with housing tragedies. Actually, we are a news outlet, so, we do need to remind you. And remind you we do, with all too much regularity.

Which is why it’s nice to be able to tell you that this Wednesday night at 6PM, the not-for-profit Churches For Fair Housing will be holding an informational seminar at Saint Brigids School at 438 Grove Street to present details about ten (count them!) brand-new 3-family homes priced at subsidized rates. Everyone is encouraged to attend; if you do so, you’ll find out whether you might be a good candidate for something like this, learn a lot about buying a home, and get better acquainted with Bushwick’s long and complicated relationship with the NYC housing market.

So just what are we qualifying as affordable? The cheapest 3-family building in the mix is estimated to fall into a subsidized sale range that starts at $444,000, and the most expensive one caps out at $534,000. Imagine that you live in one of the units and rent to the other two to people you like–and when you finish paying off your 10-year lease, you own the place. Not bad, right?

What qualifies you as eligible for something like this? If your household falls into the $68,838-$129,610 income range, and you own assets that come to a total of less than $179,375, then you’re in good standing to throw your name in the hat on this one.

Interesting stuff, no? Better check out that seminar Wednesday. We’ll see you there.

Interested but can’t make it? CUFFH has a great nascent social media presence; we recommend following their Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts for updates on their work in the neighborhood.

Retraction: An earlier version of this article stated that the homes in question were the result of an ’80/20′ 421-A Partial Tax Exemption. CUFFH has clarified that, while some of the housing the group reaches out to the community about is the result of an ’80/20′ 421-A Partial Tax Exemption,  the ten units that will be discussed Wednesday night “were built through financing available at both the state and city level [including] the New Foundations Program, New York State Affordable Housing Corporation, and the Housing Partnership Development corporation.”