Your Weekly Train Update: L is for “Loves It!”

L train = post-Christmas miracle (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Last week I just “Liked” (not “Loved!”) the MTA because, although there were no scheduled service changes, I was a bit skeptical of how service was actually going to be. However, this week I think my heart has grown for our city’s public transportation because, alas, there are no scheduled service interruptions or changes for the M, J or L this upcoming weekend.

They also aren’t planning on going anywhere at least for the beginning of next week either – which means that they will be around to help us ring in the New Year. Two weeks in a row of Bushwick train service – I feel a bit spoiled, this must be a post-Christmas miracle! As always, check for any last minute changes and, as always, Happy Riding!

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