#BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover: From Katie Killary to Erin Wicks

Go through last week’s Bushwick Daily Instagram updates, and it will become clear that this neighborhood is really freaking dynamic. Our lovely photographer, Katie Killary, took over the account, focusing on Bushwick’s landscape, murals, architecture, and both classic haunts and new places in the neighborhood. Katie captured some beautiful moments – from adorable animal portraits to incredible overhead shots of the ‘hood – but what really stood out was the wild weather! Bright sunshine and blustering snow were on full display throughout the past few days.

Katie gave us a hint of the holiday spirit – and this week Erin Wicks will take it to the next level as she takes over the account with the theme of “Home for the Holidays”! Erin is a novice homebrewer, audiobook producer, vintage clothes hoarder and, of course, our resident Bushwick Brews columnist. In the upcoming week she will capture the holiday spirit of both her home here in Bushwick and her Ohio hometown.

Follow our Instagram for all of her twinkling updates, and don’t forget to check out the full Instagram feed for all of Katie’s stunning pics from last week!

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