The Castle Braid Courtyard, Courtesy of the building’s official website.

Dear readers, you may recall our story a few weeks back about a twitter account that came to our attention via some unusual social media use. When we published the piece on it, we imagined that we might get some get some intense responses from the account itself (which we did), but we didn’t anticipate the story getting picked up by the New York Post, Gothamist, New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, The New York ObserverCurbed, Brokelyn, and the Village Voice, among others. Today we thought it might the right time to circle back on this one: plenty of outlets have had a crack at it, and it appears that the original Castle Braid twitter account has been deleted, at least for the moment.

Lessons we learned from this:

As Gertrude Stein famously pointed out via her Tumblr, a troll is a troll is a troll.

As long as the words ‘hipster’ and ‘gentrification’ are in the headline of an article, apparently the reading public will click on anything.

Getting referred to as a ‘scribbling mudslinger’ (or was it ‘mudslinging scribbler’? Too bad we didn’t screen-cap it) and a piece of swiss cheese without a journalism degree in tweets from a stranger aren’t the worst things that can happen to you, but it’s a little weird.

– oh wait, we already knew all of that.

But, it seems that the affordable housing tax abatement thing that AntiCastleBraid was worried about is a non-issue, so it’s nice to know that the building isn’t committing tax fraud. Now, whenever you’re ready for some real news, we’ll be back next week with updates from the 83rd precinct, a report on the resolution of the Rheingold development situation, and some useful info from the Housing Law Forum that Silent Barn is hosting on Sunday.

Your faithful correspondents,

The Bushwick Daily News Team