Photo via Instagram user @bdgrant89

On Monday morning we informed you that the area around Halsey L train stop witnessed a full force chase, potentially after a handcuffed suspect who escaped a custody. On Sunday night at around 11:30PM, the police descended on the area around Irving Avenue and Covert Street. “As many as 40 uniformed responders at the scene, including a SWAT team and a helicopter,” estimated an eyewitness. So what was the whole commotion about?

Daily News shed more light onto the incident yesterday. The escapee was 17-year old Maurice White who, with his 14-year old accomplice, allegedly robbed a delivery man of $200 cash (it seems that being a delivery boy in Bushwick is not such a pleasant job after all…).

Police drove the delivery man, who works for New Garden Restaurant on Wilson Ave, around Bushwick so that he could point out the suspects. “White complied with police orders and was handcuffed, but his friend put up a fight and shoved one officer, police said,” writes the Daily News. When the cop’s partner stepped in to help, White fled.  The NYPD tells the Daily News that he was found hiding under a car around the block on Eldert St. at 12:15PM.

The Daily News reports that White was charged with robbery, escape and possession of an imitation pistol, which was recovered by police.  The 14-year-old was charged as a juvenile with robbery and gun possession.

So what’s the lesson here? Tip your delivery man. He deserves it…