Delivery Boyz of Bushwick: How It Really Is

All photos by Kim Nguyen

It’s almost freezing outside, you’re starving and you’re exhausted. Deliveries at most restaurants are free and really easy to get, especially with the help from third party sites such as Seamless or Grubhub.

So, why not? As the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, you start to see more and more delivery boys in the rush to deliver your food on time. We talked to just a few of the many delivery boys riding around Bushwick who kindly stopped to give us scoop on how their life and job is treating them. In any case, always remember to tip your delivery boy!

 Chris from Barcey’s Coffee

Chris from Barcey’s Coffee


Transportation & Food Bag!

Chris used to be a delivery boy in Manhattan, so he feels like his delivery routes here in Bushwick are pretty easy. Chris is one of two delivery boys on duty; on a busy Sunday, Chris runs around delivering 20-25 deliveries a day. Not too shabby!

“I haven’t gotten doored yet…I almost got run over by a scooter on Knickerbocker, but that was my fault though,” he told us.

Kenny From Verde Coal Oven Pizza

Kenny From Verde Coal Oven Pizza
Pizza Delivery Box!

We asked him: “What’s your favorite part about delivering?”

“I love the interior and exterior of the buildings. Very historic neighborhood, very fascinating!” Kenny told us. He is a very chipper and kind man. Most of his delivery customers are young adults due to the growing neighborhood of Bushwick.

The best tip he has ever gotten was $25.00. We also asked if he has ever not been tipped. Luckily, his answer was: “Oh no, I always try to keep them happy!”

 Random Delivery Boy

Random Delivery Boy

While waiting for Jay, the delivery boy on current duty for Green Street Salads, I came across this young lad!

As I quickly ran up to him with my camera in my hand, he looked at me with a very puzzled look. Finally, he said, “No English…” but after a few moments of my hand gesturing movements of me pointing to him, my camera and his bike, he simply smiled and then hopped on over his bike, cheesing for a photo.

 Jay from Green Streets Salads

Jay from GreenStreets Salads

“I am not miserable, I love it! You see those people riding the bikes?! Now those are the ones that are miserable.”

Jay points to Green Streets Salads. ” I only work on the weekends but those people inside are awesome, they are like my family.”

Random Scooter Delivery Boy

All photos by Kim Nguyen for Bushwick Daily

It started to sprinkle outside when I met this guy. “I work 12-hour days. I only make $40 in tips,” he explained with a so-so look on his face. He then explained that most people only tip a buck or two, and quietly scootered away.

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