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That’s right, Bushwick. Hopefully you’ve finished nursing your post-Halloween sugar crash hangover combo and smashed your pumpkins and are feeling ready to fulfill some wholesome civic duties that may or may not earn you a sticker, because tomorrow (Tuesday, November 5th), is election day, and there are plenty of local candidates who would love your vote (and some, we’re sure, who wouldn’t–all the more reason to make sure your voice gets heard in this round)! There are an abundance of polling stations in the neighborhood, so to find out where yours is, look up your address using the poll site locator at

All polling stations are open for business from 6am to 9pm–so unless you have a 15-hour work day tomorrow, no one will be interested in hearing about how voting conflicts with your work schedule. And if you happen to be late for work tomorrow because you voted, it’s unlikely that your boss will hold it against you if you can say something exasperated-sounding about the mayoral candidates in place of an excuse when you arrive at the office–so take that for what it’s worth, and once you’ve punched your ticket, feel free to take your time heading out of the neighborhood for the day (and while we’re a nonpartisan publication and don’t have any candidate endorsements to slip your way, we can tell you unabashedly that after our votes are cast we’ll be stopping by Little Skips for one of their Starbucks-unapproved pumpkin spice lattes to celebrate the democratic process the seasonal espresso drink way). Cheers!